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Hoppers & Bins

Here at Edmonds Engineering we manufacture a large range of custom designed hoppers and bins.

Our hoppers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are matched individually with the required need.

Wheather it be a hopper to feed a roller mill, grain screener or to store grain prior to treating, Edmonds Engineering has the experience to make it work for you.

Please contact us to discuss how we can engineer the most suitable Hopper for your needs.


New CC24 DeliveryJanuary 29 - New CC24 DeliveryRiverina Grain Cleaner takes delivery of third CC24 Mobile seed grader.
CC24's workingDecember 19 - CC24's workingCC24's working at grain Bunker in The Mallee
Stockfeed Mixing PlantJuly 15 - Stockfeed Mixing PlantEdmonds Engineering are currently installing a massive 250 tonne per hour stockfeed mixing plant for a metropolitan grain processor. Taking approximately four months to develop and manufacture the equipment is now in the installation phase on site in Melbourne...
Semi Trailer Mobile Seed GraderJanuary 9 - Semi Trailer Mobile Seed GraderJanuary 2011 saw a local Seed Cleaning and Grading family business take delivery of what is possibly the largest Mobile Seed Grader in the world.
New Mobile SeedgraderJanuary 1 - New Mobile Seedgrader